The Lost Art of Photo Collage



I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how best group sets of stock photography lately, non project or commissioned images. Obviously most of the time images are defined by a specific time e.g. August 2012, or an event but with stock photography it’s more about a specific style of photography and how best to present a number of images with the same style. I had the idea to hang some of these images as they rarely exist in a non-digital space and frame them as groups of images e.g. 5-6 which led me to the lost art of collage. Read on to see what I discovered.

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Extreme Weather Photography

storm-damageI’ve recently been commissioned by an insurance company (I can’t reveal exactly who this is) to get photographic evidence of damaged homes. Particularly after recent events in the mid west (tornados) and flooding which might look less damaging on the surface but can be quite complicated, particularly when assessing remediation costs for mold and other water damage. I’ve always had an interest in extreme weather to be fair but I’m not sure this is the type of work I’d like to do long term. But it must be said it pays the bills and does break up the monotony of landscapes and various stock photography assignments. It does mean dealing with people and homes that have been put under enormous strain and the pain is evident in their faces and is almost identical regardless of the time or place.

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The Physical demands of the travelling photographer

Images such as these don't come easy.

Images such as these don’t come easy.

Think the title sounds silly? well guess again. Since I have been a professional photographer my generally health and fitness has been tested on numerous occasions. How you might be wondering? Try climbing mountains in the early hours waiting for the sunrise and that perfect shot. Crossing all manner of terrain to photograph wildlife, often carrying reasonably heavy equipment, including in some instances climbing very high trees. Maintaining focus while waiting for the perfect shot (much harder than it seems) and living an active lifestyle in general. I have been fortunate enough to work with some great personal trainers and nutritionists who are the real deal and have the correct certification to guide me on my way to decent fitness and it’s something I have become passionate about.

You know the strange thing about all this? there is a direct correlation between how successful I am and my general health and well being. I’m not alone with this either, I have spoken to many people who claim the more in shape they are the more success seems to come their way. It makes sense from a productivity perspective as also helps one concentrate better which in turn leads to better focus and more successful outcomes. So what are my fitness tips? Read on and I’ll share what I know.

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